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ubs_one_s.jpg Installation Guide

1. Insert the UBS installation CD into the CD-ROM drive and wait for the UBS software installation menu to appear. If the installation menu does not appear automatically, select the CD-ROM drive in my computer and run the icon auto run manually.

2. Click Install and user will be presented the screen below: step 1.jpg
3. Click Register Required DLLs.
step 2.jpg
4. Click install UBS ONE
step 3.jpg
5. Select the software you want to install
step 4.jpg
6. Follow the instruction on the installation wizard
step 5.jpg 
step 6.jpg 
step 7.jpg 
step 8.jpg 
step 9.jpg 
7. A shortcut will be placed on Windows Dekstop upon completion of installation.
8. For Fresh Installation, on the first time login you will see the following screen appeared. Click OK to proceed.
9. Select Company
10. For new directory, Generate Data Files is required. Just follow and complete the instructions prompted

11. Once complete generate data files, you will see login screen. Login UBS:One with the following:
User ID : PIN_0
Password: UBS (default)