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UBS Installation Guide

1.  Standalone Installation - USB Key
2.  Standalone Installation - Smart Lock
3.  Networking Installation



UBS Accounting Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Add new data directory
2.   How to do the backup in pen drive follow by date? 
3.   How to copy the Customer Profile and Supplier Profile to new directory? 
4.   How to do the Bank Reconciliation in our system ? 
5.   How to edit the Account No.( 9010/000) to (9020/000)? 
6.   How to use Generate group (company) aging in Print Debtors Aging? 
7.   Batch already lock how to edit the transaction in the batch? 
8.   How to use Generate group (company) aging in Print Debtors Aging? 
9.   How to use Update Aging.dbf in Open Item Menu Debtors_Print 6 Months Aging? 
10. What is the difference between Enter Opening Balances and Enter Last Year Figure?
11. How to activate the Budget button (for Balance Sheet types of account) in General_General Ledger A/C  Maintenance ? 
12. How to show Page 1 of 1 instead of Page: 1 when printing transaction batches listing?
13. How to set Multi Currency? 
14. How to enable Setting button in Select Company screen?
15. Distribute Last Year Aging 
16. Project Title setting 
17. When Login Come Out "File Acess is deniel" or "Housekeeping in Progress". 

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UBS Stock Control Fequently Asked Questions

1.   How to use category discount % maintenance?
2.   How to access/view transaction body after posted the transaction to UBS Accounting?
3.   Post To Daccount , when clicking Import Into Daccount after Export Bills, message prompted: Exported file not found
4.   In Post To Daccount,when clicking Import Into Daccount after Export Bills, message prompted: Transaction File In Use, Please Try Again.
5.   How to edit the last used Inv or D.O. No. 
6.   How to make the UBS Stock Control link with Ubs Accounting? 
7.   How to use the “With Site” in Housekeeping -> Run Setup -> General Setup -> Transaction? 
8.   How to post to daccout?
9.   How to change password?
10. Sometime i can't find my debtor file in debtor file maintance?
11. When Click program icon, an error message "Error 202"
12. What should you do if you get an error message :Account not found, not allowed to import. Account number 0000/000, Record number 2?

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 UBS Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How do I print out all employees EA form? 
2.   What is the "AW" under Allowance Table? 
3.   Why my employee has no PCB deducted for his pay? 
4.   Payment for resigned staff after resigned why it still appear in EPF, SOCSO and Net pay by Bank Report?
5.   Why I still can't see the allowance figure after keying in transaction?
6.   What is meant by OOB? How does it apply to the payroll system? 
7.   How to set resigned staff pay status non-active in payroll system?
8.   Is there any sample letter of Confirmation or EPF/SOCSO application in payroll system and where can I get them?
9.   How to maintain previous month payroll transaction into UBS payroll system, where should I go?
10. Why do I getting this message: Evaluation Limit Reached?

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ubs_one_s.jpg Frequently Asked Questions

1. ubs_one_s.jpgInstallation guide
2. ubs_one_s.jpgAccounting
3. ubs_one_s.jpgBilling
4. ubs_one_s.jpgPayroll
5. ubs_one_s.jpgLicense Activation

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The questions have been grouped by topic for your easy reference. However, if your question is not listed or you need additional information, please let us know how we can help you by clicking on the Contact Us link.